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Bloodwork Services for Pets

Our hospital is equipped with a modern in-house laboratory. This means we can significantly reduce the time you’ll be waiting for your pet’s bloodwork results. There are a range of reasons we might request your pet have bloodwork, from routine screenings to pre-surgery testing. You can rest assured your pet is in good hands. If you have questions about your pet’s upcoming bloodwork, please contact us at 902.865.6400.

How does an in-house laboratory help my pet?

Our advanced in-house laboratory means we can reduce wait times for test results. Time efficient results means we can speed up your pet’s diagnosis, which is crucial when treating health concerns. We won’t need to send your pet’s information to another facility, which means your pet’s medical records will only be handled by one location. This also reduces the likelihood of misplaced or mixed up lab results.

When might my pet need bloodwork?

Bloodwork is a great diagnostic tool that helps us get a better sense of what’s going on inside your pet’s body. There are a range of reasons we might recommend bloodwork, including:

  • During a wellness exam
  • Specific tests to assess healthcare concerns like thyroid disorders
  • Pre-surgery or pre-anesthesia testing
  • Help diagnose any changes in your pet’s behaviour or overall health

    Will my pet be in pain when you take their blood?

    We do our best to ensure your pet doesn’t experience any unnecessary pain while we’re taking their blood. This means making sure your furry friend is comfortable and at ease, all things our expert veterinary team ensures while your pet is in our care. In addition, you should also closely follow our pre-bloodwork instructions, which might include limiting your pet’s food intake before their appointment as well as keeping them hydrated.

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