Grooming Services for Pets

Kibbles N’ Clips is located directly beneath Sackville Animal Hospital, with a long reputation of delivering exceptional grooming services for the pets of Lower Sackville. Our grooming parlour offers only the best for your pooch and kitty friends. If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment, please call 902.865.5244. Spots fill up fast!

How often should my pet be groomed?

Depending on your pet, they should be groomed every 4 to 6 weeks. Our grooming team will give you recommendations about what works best for them. It’s important to take your pet to the groomers regularly to help them maintain their health and hygiene. Fur can get matted from daily activity like playing or running. If left unattended, it can be painful. Unclipped nails can also be painful, causing joint problems.

What does grooming include?

Your pet will get the full salon experience, looking even better than when they first walked in! Apart from shampoo, conditioning and drying your pet, we’ll also trim their fur, clear their ears and clip their nails. If you’re concerned about your pet leaving a trail of fur wherever they go, we can de-shed them. Any staining or matting will be trimmed or shaved. We might also check your pet’s skin for any infections. If you’re interested in your pet having a special cut, please discuss with our groomers.

Can I groom my pet at home?

It’s best to leave the grooming to us. Our grooming team has special tools, as well as years of expertise, to provide your pet with top tier grooming. Trusting us with your pet’s grooming means we’ll take care of all the things you might not want to do like removing fleas or trimming their nails to ensure they don’t feel any pain. In addition, we can detect any skin issues and remove any dead hair so your pet’s fur will remain healthy.

Last updated: June 23, 2022.

Dear Clients,

We want to thank everyone for their patience in recent months. We have adhered, as strictly as we could, to the Public Health Directives throughout COVID and with this in mind, we are pleased to say that masks are no longer mandatory at our hospital. You may still see staff wearing masks when in close contact with clients. This is a purely personal choice. 

Our doors are now open and you are welcome to accompany your pets into the clinic for their appointments.

We require at least 48-72 hours for all medication refills as we are still experiencing delays with some items, but we will inform you of any backordered items.

We can still receive your food orders via phone or email, however, we now have an online store that you can access directly from the front page of our website. Please check out the free shipping and autoship discounts available.

Due to being short staffed at this time, we ask for your patience and kindness as we try to navigate through these busy times. We are doing the very best we can. If the phone is busy, please email or attempt to call again.


Monday to Friday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Thank you for your patience and understanding and we look forward to seeing you and your furry family members again!

 - Your dedicated team at Sackville Animal Hospital