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Laparoscopy Services for Pets

Laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) is a less invasive surgical procedure that allows us to operate on your pet without making large incisions. Instead of traditional open abdominal procedures that might be a more painful recovery for your furry friend, laparoscopy provides less downtime. Depending on the procedure, our veterinary team will discuss if your pet is the right fit for laparoscopy.

Which procedures are performed with laparoscopic surgery?

Laparoscopy is a helpful diagnostic tool, which might be used for biopsies, visual observations and help rule out disease or cancer. Other procedures it might be helpful with are:

  • Removing bladders stones or masses
  • Spaying
  • Examining internal organs with exploratory surgery
  • Diagnosing torn ligaments in a joint
  • Stomach-taking in larger dogs

    Why is it a less invasive procedure?

    Although there are still risks associated with this procedure, laparoscopic surgery is safer because your pet loses less blood and they need a shorter recovery time. Typically, we would need to make a large incision in the abdomen to perform an abdominal surgery. With laparoscopy procedures, we only need to make a small incision, around 5 mm. We place a small needle into the area and use carbon dioxide gas to inflate their abdomen. After the air has made its way to your pet’s stomach, we’ll have better images. Small surgical instruments will help us perform the procedure.

    How do I prepare my pet for laparoscopic surgery?

    If you have questions about your pet’s upcoming laparoscopy surgery, please contact us at 902.865.6400. Please follow your pet’s pre-surgery instructions closely, which might include fasting before the procedure. If your pet needs anesthesia, we typically do bloodwork to ensure they’ll react well to the medicine.