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Veterinary Exam

Taking your pet in for their regular wellness exam helps us to assess their overall health and make recommendations for steps to maintain their well-being. Depending on your pet’s age and life stage, we might need to see them more frequently than an annual exam. For example, we might need to see puppies or kittens every few weeks in their early stages of life, while it’s recommended that senior pets come in twice a year.

What does a wellness exam include?

Your pet’s wellness exam includes a comprehensive physical examination, which includes a consultation on ways you can support your pet’s health. The appointment might also include a dental evaluation, vaccinations, nutrition consultation and parasite prevention planning. For cats over 9-years-old and dogs over 7-years-old, we also recommend diagnostic screening. This helps us detect any underlying health issues, like kidney disease, cancer, and heart disease, which your pet might be more susceptible to as they age. If your pet is due for a wellness exam, please call to book an appointment at 902.865.6400.

Why do you run diagnostic tests?

Diagnostic tests help us get a better understanding of how your pet’s body is working internally. We do a range of diagnostic tests that cover various functions and systems in your furry family member’s body. Since pets age at a faster rate than humans, we want to make sure we’re keeping up with any health changes between visits. Some of these tests might include:

  • Complete Blood Count – looks at red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, which helps to screen for diseases like anemia, infection and certain cancers
  • Biochemistry – looks at liver, kidneys, blood sugar, electrolytes, gall bladder and signs of adrenal gland disturbances
  • Urine Testing – looks for evidence of early kidney disease, diabetes, infection, bladder crystals and bladder stones
  • Thyroid Testing – looks for low thyroid levels in dogs and high thyroid levels in cats

    What are ways I can support my pet’s wellness between appointments?

    In addition to ensuring your pet attends their wellness exam, it’s important to have your pet groomed regularly, ensure your pet is eating a balanced diet, watch for symptoms of parasite infections and clean their teeth daily. It might also be helpful to occasionally check your pet’s poop and pee to ensure they’re well fed and hydrated as well as parasite-free. If you’re able to weigh your pet once a week, please also track and share these metrics with us during your pet’s next appointment.

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